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  Kick back, relax and enjoy fresh meal preps from Real Meal Las Vegas. We prepare meals, be it Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner we've got you covered! We are very flexible and can work with all budget types, requests and dietary needs.  

*We prepare and deliver your food twice weekly, fresh to your door. 

*We will save you time and money and your friends will all be jealous! 

*People will notice the gourmet lunches you eat every day not to mention the toned body. 

*Nobody has to know you spend less than the average person on food without ever leaving your home or turning on your stove! 

*With Real Meal you get only the best ingredients at the best prices. We make living like royalty; fun, affordable, and convenient, order today and save!  

Having an intimate dinner or a small family function and don't have time to cook? Real Meal has you covered. We have custom menus and cuisines to chose from or let us customize your evening from start to finish. 

 *We can also cater your special event- (up to 250ppl) 

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 THE CHEF-            

    As a young aspiring chef, I started my culinary quest in the San Francisco (Bay Area) California. Where as a young boy, I was blessed with a huge back yard with an abundance of fruits, trees, berry bushes and a plush garden. I watched all the cooking shows in foreign languages as we only had 5 channels growing up.  I realized at a very young age, I wanted to be a successful chef and business entrepreneur.

After High School, I went to CEC Culinary Arts school in Denver, Co where I attained my foundation. I worked my way up through the ranks and eventually landed a lead pastry cook position with a famous pastry chef who taught me discipline. I saw a problem with that early on…I’m a fat kid at heart-pastries/desserts are not a healthy diet. I surmised that venturing into the gourmet sector is probably be best. I bounced around until I realized I wanted to be "the man", I blossomed and became sous chef at Zengo-Denver within 6 months. Nice tenure there, then I needed a new challenge. I fought hard for the Executive Sous Chef position at Ameristar Casino Resort and Spa in Blackhawk, CO. I was blessed to work with 12 phenomenal chefs from all over the world. Where they all inspired me, taught me, helped me be a better leader and ultimately a better chef. Next I decided to shoot for Executive chef. After a couple weeks of searching I became the chef at Perfect Landing Steakhouse in Denver, CO. I got to really know who I am as a chef, to really step outside of the box and explore the depths of my culinary soul. 

         My next chapter was to lead our team to open an upscale Latin fusion restaurant in Jacksonville, FL- FITT. Now FITT is one of the most successful restaurants in Jacksonville. After 2 years and some careful consideration, I wanted to make a move so I decided on Las Vegas. So I made the drive to Las Vegas to start my own meal prep/catering company. It was rough, it was a lot of work, and long hours but it has paid off immensely.